Introduction to English Paper Piecing (EPP)

09loka10:0013:00Introduction to English Paper Piecing (EPP)

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Instructor: Irina Malyukova

Date: 09.10.2021 10.00-13.00
Place: Tillkkunen
Language: English
Price: 40 eur
Course description:
Come and learn English paper piecing (EPP), a traditional HAND sewing technique, where you wrap fabric around individual paper shapes and then sew the shapes together to form patchwork patterns. It is a versatile technique in which sewists of any level and skill find something that appeals to them. You can make impressive fascinating quilts, you can add a bit of patchwork to small projects, you can create applique motifs to adorn your clothing or bags or new patchwork fabric/panels to cut up and sew into pouches, bags, clothing, toys… It does not require any fancy tools – just a fine needle and thread and desire to sew with your hands. The portability of the technique allows you to take your projects anywhere and sew on the go. It is relaxing and beneficial for your mental well being.
Supplies (included in the price):
– Fabric pieces (precut)
-Printable and precut paper templates
Coffee, tea and biscuits are served.
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9.10.2021 10:00 - 13:00(GMT-11:00)